3 Cozy Sweaters To Wear this Winter

When the weather is freezing cold, it’s hard to stay stylish. I mean how can you when you’re all bundled up, right? What good is a nice, form-fitting top when it’s hidden underneath a thick parka or coat?

Thankfully, the cold season is not a reason to look frumpy because chunky sweaters are great tools to amp your style level. Here are the three cozy sweaters I found at Lookbook Store which I think you should not miss wearing this winter:

1. Chunky Oversized Sweater

For those days when dressing up is not your thing but you don’t have any options but to go out to do your daily routine, a cozy,chunky, oversized sweater will surely come in handy. Such tops are usually knitted so they’ll keep you warm and comfortable all day long. Another thing I like about this kind of knitwear is that they’re very easy to style with. Just wear them with anything you like to wear.

Batwing Sweater Coat - Plum from Lookbook StorePlum Batwing sweater coat (sold-out)
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2. Graphic or Printed Pattern Sweater

Graphic sweaters are no-brainer if you want to add something quirky and fun to your getup. If you’re like that kind of girl who likes wearing casual clothes but also want to look cute and stylish, then this kind of sweater is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. You can wear them with jeans or skirts and you’ll look stunning.

Cartoon Chicken Print Knit Top - Blue from Lookbook StoreBlue cartoon chicken print sweater (sold-out)
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3. Slouchy Sweater

Black Knit Pullover from Lookbook StoreBlack knit pullover (sold-out)
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For a subtle hint of sexiness during winter days, choose this slouchy sweater,  which falls off on one shoulder. Its style can give you that relaxed and gorgeous feel.  This kind of sweater looks chic with leggings but can be worn with anything you like.

Sweaters should already be in your closet not because they’re cute and really stylish but because you need them to keep you warm and cozy during winter days.

3 Cozy Sweaters To Wear this Winter | Lookbook Store

3 Cozy Sweaters To Wear this Winter


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