Must-Have Leggings Perfect for Fall

Leggings are essential and versatile items in any girls’ wardrobe. They can help you rock your mini dresses, skirts and shorts during chilly seasons. I must say they’re really perfect for lazy days.

Apart from them keeping you warm, they can make you look stylish and fab as well. Check out these must-have leggings this fall because I’m sure you’ll love them like I do.

1. Black Leggings

Must-have Leggings from Lookbook Store

Must-have Leggings – Black (sold-out)
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Ok, let’s begin with the most basic and wearable pair, the black leggings. A pair  is perfect for anything and everything. They can be your go-to ‘pants’ if you want your legs to stay warm while wearing a tunic or if you just want something to wear on a lazy day at home.

2. Printed Leggings

Aztec Floral Leggings from Lookbook Store

Aztec Floral Leggings

For effortless styling, choose leggings with prints. Whether the prints are graphic, plaid, striped, floral or whatnot, they’re great for days when you don’t want to exert styling effort on a lazy, cold day.

3. Leather Leggings

Mesh Panel Black Leggings from Lookbook Store

Mesh Panel Black Leggings (sold-out)
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If you’re looking for something that can give your look a bad-ass vibe, then  this pair of leather leggings is what you need. Wear them with other leather pieces or with spiked and studded accessories. However, if you want  a laid-back feel, match them with more casual items,  like button-down shirts  or  over sized tops.

4. Jeggings

Black Straight Up Leggings from Lookbook Store

Black Straight-up Leggings (sold-out)
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This pair is the hybrid of jeans and leggings,  and it’s great for days when you want to  look as if you’ve put too much thought on your outfit while enjoying the comfort  leggings provide. What’s great about jeggings is that they have similar styles to regular jeans, so they can fit well with any top you have. Not only do they provide warmth and comfort on cold days,  but they can be worn as stylishly as those with regular pants .  If you’re unsure on how to pull them off, then perhaps this article can help you out.

And that’s about it. Have fun wearing leggings!


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