Sartorial Essentials to Creating a Street-Chic Wardrobe

Building a true street-chic wardrobe collection can be quite challenging but here’s the thing, “It’s not impossible.”

How will you do that?

By simply knowing what fashion basics you have in your wardrobe and then adding a few extras to that can be paired with them to create street-chic outfits that are stylish and uniquely you.  Here’s a list of must-have pieces as a starting point to building your true street-chic wardrobe.

  1. A Dainty Dress

Mesh Heart Lace Dress from Lookbook StoreMesh Heart Lace Dress (sold-out)
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Every girl needs a gorgeous dress.  So find frocks in a light but muted color because they  look great, even in the cold season. Knee-grazing dresses made from delicate fabric, like silk and tulle, are the best. Plus, they can be paired with almost anything, from dainty blazers to rock-chic motorcycle leather jackets.

2. A Leather Jacket

Vegan Leather Moto Jacket from Lookbook StoreVegan Leather Moto Jacket (sold-out)
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Cropped leather Jackets are incredible layering pieces. As a matter of fact, owning one is a good investment because it can be worn any day of the year. Also, a leather jacket can make your summer clothes work until fall. It’s also a perfect go-to-piece when you need to look stylish in no time. Just toss it over a t-shirt and skinny jeans and you’re good to go.

3. A Graphic Tee

Leopard Cross Tee from Lookbook StoreLeopard Cross Tee (sold-out)
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Graphic T-shirts are the best statement pieces. You can be chic with them or casual. This looks especially great when you match them with a chambray shirt with buttons left undone and with some of your favorite accessories.

4. Unique and Stylish Jewelry

Zircon Cross Earrings
Zircon Cross Earrings (sold-out)
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In most cases, adding a few pieces of jewelry is often all you need to polish off a look.   Choose from an array of accessories that you feel are best for your signature look

5. A Classic-Style Black Maxi Dress

Chiffon Cutout Back Maxi Dress from Lookbook StoreCutout Black Mesh Maxi Dress (sold-out)
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Sure, the classic little black dress is irreplaceable but a black maxi dress, like the image above, can be as versatile as the LBD. Pair the chic maxi dress with  tunning platform shoes  and a statement necklace for a look that is perfect for romantic dinner dates

6. A Statement-Making Hair Accessory

Knot Pleated Headband from Lookbook StoreKnot Pleated Headband (sold-out)
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Hair accessories are popping out  everywhere, and they can be as addicting as collecting shoes.. Turbans, headbands and many others can change your entire look. Also, these types of accessories can look great with graphic tees and jeans. They can also turn your casual distressed sweater and skirt into something chic.

7. Form-Fitting Bottom wear

Snake Skin Print Leggings from Lookbook StoreSnake Skin Print Leggings (sold-out)
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Slim-fitting pants  are perfect for weekend partying.  Also,  leather-like or shiny leggings  and skinny jeans are great with thigh-grazing blouses and blazers. You can pair them with loose-fitting tank tops and ankle boots if you want to stay comfortably chic as well.

8. A Chunky Sweater

Cowl Neck Sweater - Camel from Lookbook StoreCowl Neck Sweater (sold-out)
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Sweaters are great on transitioning your look. You can wear them with your jeans for a laidback and cozy outfit or throw them over your maxi skirt for a sweet boho-chic look.

9. A Plaid Shirt

Red Plaid Shirt from Lookbook StoreRed Plaid Shirt (sold-out)
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Plaid shirts are must-have items when it comes to building a trendy wardrobe. For some reason, they never seem to go out of style. Perhaps one of the reasons is you can style them in so many ways that it can be hard to resist them. With plaid shirts, you can go grungy, laid-back or hippie with your outfits. They can also be insanely chic if paired with jeans and ankle boots. For a ’90s grunge look, tie it around your waist and wear a pair of combat boots.

10. A Structured Denim Blazer

Studded Shoulder Denim BlazerStudded Shoulder Denim Blazer (sold-out)
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Blazers give the right amount of edge when it comes to bringing heat to a simple outfit. They look awesome with  V-neck shirts and nice-fitting pants.

Now that you have this guidelines in mind, no need for you to go gaga over what to wear. Just experiment with these pieces and you’ll be able to  build a  set of street-chic  ensembles as easy as pie.

Sartorial Essentials to Creating a Street-Chic Wardrobe | Lookbook Store

Sartorial Essentials to Creating a Street-Chic Wardrobe


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