3 Nifty Tips to Helping You Find Your Perfect Shorts

Au contraire to what most people believe, shorts can actually be worn by virtually anybody. So whether you have a model-like figure or plump curves, you can still you pull off  a stunning look with your shorts. Yes, that’s right! And wearing them is not just about going for a trendy or classic style and avoiding the rest that doesn’t suit you.

Instead, it’s all about how they feel in you. So to clear out all the confusions you may have about what shorts to buy, here three nifty tips to guide you:

1. Select the right shape.

If your stems are long and lean, the bell-shaped shorts will look best on you. On the other hand, if it’s not tight, they can also provide room for shapely stems, if you have them.  However, if you already have wide hips, you may want to steer clear from bell-shaped shorts as they may cause you to appear to be having bigger, wider hips.

ZZig-Zag Hem Skorts from Lookbook Storeig-zag Hem Shorts (sold-out)
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2. Be particular with the patterns.

It’s always nice to wear patterned shorts. But before you shop for the first one you see, be sure to check if it flatters you. The wrong patterns, especially when they’re big on a tiny pair or if you have a big frame, can  draw attention to all the wrong places. Horizontal stripes can also widen your hips in legs. Unless you have narrow hips and slim legs, you might want to forego buying such a pair.

Floral Print Shorts
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3. Opt for breathable fabric.

Dressy shorts are great when you’ll always out in town partying. Lace shorts are even more fantastic. But if you’re lifestyle consists of weekends hiking or swimming at the beach, opt for shorts that are made of cotton fabric. This allows your skin to breath wherever you go.

Floral Crochet Shorts - Apricot from Lookbook Store

Apricot Floral Crochet Shorts

Let these tips guide when shopping for nice pairs of shorts, and you can always look good in them. Just remember: be confident and people will notice you more than what shorts you’re wearing.

3 Nifty Tips to Helping You Find Your Perfect Shorts | Lookbook Store

3 Nifty Tips to Helping You Find Your Perfect Shorts


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