3 Dressing Tips to Stay Elegant

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Like any true fashionista, I love dressing up. Depending on my mood, I don’t think twice dressing up as a punk chic, a casual boho girl or a preppy student. One look at my closet and you’ll definitely see that I don’t hold back on styles.

One of fashion choices I look to make is dressing elegantly. Of course, when your fashion taste in clothing is as varied as mine, pulling an elegant look once in a while can become a challenge. Years of reading Cosmopolitan, Vogue and many other styling magazines have taught me how to dress elegantly and how to prepare for it whenever the mood strikes me.Β  So, I’m sharing to you some of the fashion tips I’ve learned over the years.

Go for what looks good on you.

Not everyone will look good in a certain dress or shirt, but there are styles, designs and cuts that look good on a certain someone. Simply put, always choose colors, styles or cuts that looks good on you and not because they look great on your bestfriend or on your favorite actress. They should be flattering and never settle for anything less. Doing so will ensure that no matter how simple a shoulder cut-out sweater or a pair of skinny pants is, you’ll always look lovely.

Simplicity equals elegance.

It really helps to know and understand that dressing elegantly is all about keeping the outfit simple. Take a look at Kate Middleton, Audrey Hepburn or Cate Blanchett and you’ll notice that although their clothes are not really screaming ‘Look at me!’, they’re considered one of the female celebrities who are elegantly dressed all the time because of their choice of clothing.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should just stick to wearing solid colors all the time. You can still mix in a few patterned and printed tops, skirts or scarves in your wardrobe, but consider pairing it with solid shades. For instance, you can accessorizeΒ  your sheath dress with a floral scarf.

Invest in classic pieces.

While it’s perfectly fine to follow the trends, it doesn’t hurt to have a few, if not many, classic pieces, such as pencil pants or bags, stashed inside your closet. The reason is classic clothing pieces and accessories can stand the test of time and will always look beautiful regardless of the current trend. So even if you find a beautiful, vintage-inspired dress that’s a bit pricey, consider it a good investment.

And that’s about! I hope you find my tips useful. Until next time!

3 Dressing Tips to Stay Elegant | Lookbook Store

3 Dressing Tips to Stay Elegant


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